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PocketTV Video Player for Windows Mobile Smartphone

MPEG Movie Player and VCD Player

Looking for a Pocket TV, Handheld Video & Music player or Portable DVD Player? click here

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  What's New ?

PocketTV Classic (freeware) and PocketTV Enterprise Edition is available for the latest Windows Mobile phones.

PocketTV MPEG Movie Player and VCD Player takes full advantage of all the features of Windows Mobile Professional, Standard and Classic devices, such as Landscape display, soft-keys, on-the-fly display rotation, VGA resolution, 800x480 wide-screens, etc.

Go to the download section and get your FREE copy of PocketTV Classic or buy PocketTV Enterprise Edition now!.

  What is PocketTV ?

PocketTV Finalist Year 2003 Best Pocket PC and Smartphone Software Award (Category Video) from Pocket PC Magazine! PocketTV received the ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2006 Award (
PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player and VCD (Video-CD) Player for Microsoft Windows Mobile® Powered devices such as:
  • Windows Mobile Phone and Smartphone (Windows Mobile)
  • Legacy Pocket PC Phone and Pocket PC (2003 SE, 2002 and 2000)
  • Legacy Handheld PC
  • Legacy Casio Pocket Manager

PocketTV received the Year 2002 Best Pocket PC Software Award (Category Video) from Pocket PC Magazine! PocketTV received the Year 2003 Europe Pocket PC Award (Category Video) from the and Magazines!

PocketTV Classic is FREE for personal use on Windows Mobile phone, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Casio Pocket Manager.

PocketTV Enterprise Edition, our commercial product, provides unsurpassed video performances.

Download PocketTV now!

Then download some free video and copy them to your device to see for yourself!

  More PocketTV Facts

PocketTV Classic is free for personal use.

PocketTV is one of the most downloaded third-party Windows Mobile freeware. PocketTV has already millions of users.

PocketTV can play any standard MPEG-1 video file (extension .mpg or .mpeg), including VCD (Video-CD).

PocketTV can play VCD (Video-CD) movies. Copy the VCD .dat file in your memory card (using your PC) and change the .dat file extension to .mpg to play with PocketTV.

DVD's can be converted into MPEG files and played by PocketTV. There are many tools (both commercial and free) that can convert DVD's into MPEG files.

PocketTV provides you with the unsurpassed video and audio quality and many useful features not found in other video players.

PocketTV takes full advantage of all the features of Windows Mobile (on-the-fly display rotation, Soft Keys, VGA resolution, etc).

On the VGA-resolution devices's, PocketTV takes advantage of the video hardware accelerators chips (such as the ATI Imageon 3200 series or the Intel Marathon 2700G), so it can play VGA-resolution MPEG files (i.e. DVD quality) with optimum quality.

Compare PocketTV with Windows Media Player and the other mobile video players.

PocketTV works well with Internet Explorer. You can play an MPEG movie by just tapping a link in a web page. More on using PocketTV from web pages...

PocketTV is capable of streaming MPEG video files using standard internet protocols such as http, provided that your device has a wireless network connection that supports the necessary bandwidth i.e. the bitrate of the MPEG file that you want to stream. More on Streaming with PocketTV....

  What is MPEG ?

MPEG is to video
what MP3 is to music!
MPEG is a familly of open, non-proprietary, non encrypted formats for audio and video. More on MPEG...

PocketTV can play any legal (compliant) MPEG-1 Video or Systems stream, but performances will be higher when playing MPEG files encoded with parameters optimized for PocketTV on your device.

Use our Simple Guide for making MPEG's optimized for PocketTV to convert all your video files (AVI's, MOV's, VCD's, DVD's etc) into MPEG files optimized for PocketTV.

  PocketTV in the Media

  • Voyager VGA from Colorgraphic Communications Supports PocketTV MPEG , Press release, Mar 2002 (more...)

  • PocketTV announces full support for Pocket PC 2002, Press release on Microsoft Website, Oct 2001 (more...)

  • PocketTV Turns Your Windows CE Device Into A Multimedia Machine, Product Review on, July 2001 (more...)

  • PocketTV on the Jornada 720 on, Feb 2001 (more...)

  • PocketTV: multimedia for the masses, Product Review on, Aug 2000 (more...)

  • PocketTV wins the Windows CE Program of the Year Award in the Third Annual ZDNet PDA Software Awards. (more...)

  • Movies on the go with PocketTV on Microsoft's Windows CE Uplink website. (more...)

  • Downloads Boost CE Over Palm on ZDNet (Killer Downloads), March 20, 2000 (more...)

  • PocketTV Brings Video To Palm-size PC on Yahoo! Finance, March 9, 2000 (more...)
    (erratum in this Press Release: 100 Mbit/sec should be 100 Kbit/sec)

  • PocketTV received the Windows CE 2000 Program of the Year Award in the Third Annual ZDNet PDA Software Awards. (more...)

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