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PocketTV - Compare with other Video Players on Windows Mobile devices

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  Compare PocketTV with the other video players on Windows Mobile devices

Software Video File format(s) File
Can Stream Video ATI support (1) 2700G support (4) Dither Step (2) Microdrive
Smartphone support JPEG Capture Support "odd" sizes (3)
PocketTV Standard MPEG-1 *.mpg ; *.mpeg Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Player Proprietary Windows Media video with MS Audio and ASF Multiplex *.wmv ; *.asf Yes ? No No No No Yes No n/a
TCPMP / Betaplayer Proprietary: DivX,Xvid,WMV
Standard MPEG-1
*.avi ; *.divx ; *.wmv ; *.mpg No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Resco Picture Viewer Standard MPEG-1 *.mpg ; *.mpeg No No No Yes No No No No No
Pict Pocket Cinema Standard MPEG-1 *.mpg ; *.mpeg No No No Yes No No No No (but can capture .bmp) Yes

(1) ATI support: Includes optimizations for the ATI Imageon 3200-series video accelerator when available (e.g. iPaq hx4700, Toshiba e800/e805, O2 XDA II).

(2) Step: Allows stepping frame-by-frame to observe individual frames.

(3) Supports "odd" sizes: Some MPEG players do not play properly MPEG with "odd" size, i.e. image size not multiple of 16x16.

(4) 2700G support: Includes optimizations for the Intel Marathon 2700G video accelerator when available (e.g. Dell Axim x50v).

Only popular video players have been listed above. Other mobile video players that we know about are:

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